Sunday, 29 May 2016

Brunei we're coming!

What's up guys!

This is us!

We're 24 J1 students from TPJC and guess what, it's only 1 day left to our long-awaited...BRUNEI TRIP!!! For many of us here, it will be the first time going to Brunei! From there, you can predict how stoked we are for this trip! And for some, it's the first time going on an airplane! Just to let you guys know, we will be going on a 5-day trip to Brunei from 30 May to 3 June 2016. We are very excited to go on this trip, no doubt. It's always exciting being in a foreign land, right? We can't wait to learn more about Brunei and its culture. And not to forget, make new friends! 

Presenting our research on Brunei!

In anticipation of the trip, we decided to better equip ourselves with some knowledge of Brunei by doing some research. We split into groups and took up different topics (Education, government & policies, geographical & population statistics, the key imports and exports of Brunei and the pegging of the Brunei and Singapore currencies) to research on and present to our friends so everyone will be able to know more about the lovely country we are visiting. Here are some fun facts of Brunei:

Did you know that…

1.  School fees and its commodities (mainly hostel, textbooks and transport) are fully paid by the government for students with Brunei citizenship 

2. The Sharia law imposed by the Sultan introduced harsh laws such as flogging or cutting of hands for property damages. For adultery, abortions and homosexuality, executions including stoning will eventually also be introduced in the third phase of implementation.

3. The country has a land area of 5765 kilometres square and a population of around 418,000 whereas Singapore only has a land area of 719.1 kilometres square but a population of around 5.66 million! That's nearly 14 times more people in a country that's 8 times smaller!

4. Sago is the second main food staple and is produced by a sago-producing factory in Kampong Ukong. This sole factory provides for the entire country’s consumption!

5. The Currency Interchangeability Agreement (CIA), implemented on 12th June 1967, allowed Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia to accept and exchange each other’s currency without charge. Malaysia subsequently opted out in 1973.

We look like we're trying our best, right?

Furthermore, we have been religiously practising for the performance that we will be putting up for the Bruneian students. Despite having only a week to practice (the MYE was going on the week before) all of us gave our 101% in practising for the highly-anticipated performance - singing "Home" and "Semoga Bahagia" as well as a reading poem with some acting! Though there were some difficulties along the way, we helped each other out to achieve the best results we could attain. We really look forward to performing our pieces in front of the Bruneian students! In anticipation of their generous hosting during our visit, we hope to be able to give back by sharing with them our iconic National Day song which is loved by many, and hope they will enjoy it as much as we do!

Now, we're like in a mess packing for the trip HAHAHA but oh my, can't wait!!! Stay tuned for our daily posts in Brunei, yeah!

Signing out!

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